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Dog Walking

1 Hour Group Walks - £14.00

Walking for at least an hour (excluding travelling time) in groups of no more than 6 dogs. To add a second dog to the pack is £23 and for a third it's £33.50 from the same household

Before you make your first booking we will take some basic information from you and answer any initial questions. Next we arrange a visit to meet and greet you and your dog, during which we'll get to know you both and discuss your requirements. This consultation enables us to find out all those important little things about your dog and to establish exactly what you need. Best of all, this home visit is completely free.

Once you've booked, we'll organise how to access to your property and for regular clients we'll even hold your keys. Keys are insured, protected in a secure safe and will be returned on request. We also have a key holding service for if you get locked out or lose your keys. And with that, your dog is ready for a Wagtales adventure! 

Home Visit

1 Hour Group Walks - £12.50 

Walking for at least an hour (excluding travelling time) in groups of no more than 6 dogs. For additional dogs from same household please add £8 per dog.

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Home Visit - £13 (Single pet), £16 (Two or more) 

A 20 minute visit to play, let-out, feed, etc. Perfect for your dogs, puppies, cats or small pets. 

We offer home visits to feed pets, let them in or out, clean litter trays, cages, feeding bowls and replenishing water supplies. Whether you want to enjoy a day out or a holiday, we will visit your home to care for all of your pets and maintain their daily routines. Your pets will get lots of fuss and attention and when we're done we'll  secure your home and carry out light duties such as pulling on curtains, watering plants etc.

Puppy Visit

Home Visits - £10 

A 20 minute visit to play, let-out, feed, etc. Perfect for your dogs, puppies, cats or small pets. 


Puppy Visit - £15 

For puppies not big enough to join the regular walkers, we provide a 30 minute visit to play, feed and give a short one-to-one walk.

All puppies need several small meals a day, consistent toilet training and regular access to the outside if they are to become properly house trained.  For our very youngest friends who are just too little to join the main walks, Wagtales offers a half hour home visit.

We use this time to get the puppy used to us with play, short walks, and giving them affection and reassurance.  We'll ensure any little ‘accidents’ in the house or the garden/yard are cleared up and reinforce basic obedience training (Please note, We are not professional dog trainers however and we do not charge for this part of the service.)


As they get older we can take them for short journeys in the van so they get used to the experience. For fully vaccinated puppies we can introduce them to some of the other dogs for socialisation. When we think they are ready they can join our older Wagtales friends on a regular walk, which we do at puppy pace to start with. Most puppies thoroughly enjoy this and settle into the walking routine very quickly.


After each visit we will send you an online report, say goodbye, provide a small healthy treat (unless otherwise agreed) lock up, and look forward to the next time.

Let Outs

Let Outs - £18.00 

Email, Text or Call us, great for when you’re stuck in a meeting.

For regular clients that find themselves stuck in a meeting, traffic or any other unexpected situation. Call, text or email us and we'll make sure your pet is let out, taken for a walk and fed. This Emergency Let Out is 30 minutes. 

Key Holding

Key Holding - £20 (8am - 6pm), £40 (6pm - 8am)

Locked out or lost your keys? Wagtales has your back.

For regular clients that find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being locked out their home. Wagtales will bring a set of your keys 

Please note, we will only come to let in authorised members of your household. 

Dog Training

Please note...

If there are any services you require that are not listed, please contact us to see if we can help.  All the above prices are inclusive of VAT and we guarantee there are no hidden extras. We do not charge registration or membership fees.


A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed in advance to cancel any appointments or the full amount will be payable.

All prices shown are subject to change.

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